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Dustcontrol launches a new process extraction and general cleaning range for the food industry

Dustcontrol launches a new process extraction and general cleaning range for the food industry

Hygiene requirements within the food industry are extremely stringent. The Swedish company Dustcontrol is now launching an extraction product line for the food industry: “Good For Food (GFF)”, to be used especially “When Clean Is Not Enough”. The system is designed to contribute to safe and hygienic food production.

“We have developed a complete system that makes it easy for food producers to manage material waste and cleanliness in their production processes”, explains Donna Wei Stenberg, project manager for Dustcontrol’s new food industry product line.

Dustcontrol has almost fifty years’ experience in developing advanced extraction systems and dust extractors for all types of manufacturing industries. Dustcontrol has now expanded its product range with the introduction of extraction equipment that contributes to safe and hygienic food production. The initiative for the new system comes from one of the company’s customers, a major food manufacturer in Germany.

There are many regulations and requirements that must be considered when delivering solutions to the food industry. Dustcontrol’s new product line meets both the EU and the FDA requirements relating to safe and hygienic food production. Thanks to the colour coding of brushes and accessories, the risk of cross-contamination is minimised. All of the equipment has been designed for smooth handling and easy cleaning.

“We are really looking forward to the launch of Dustcontrol’s new Good For Food product line, to meet the requirements “When Clean Is Not Enough”. This new product line will help food producers to increase both the quality and the efficiency of their production processes, ultimately leading to increased profitability”, concludes Donna Wei Stenberg.

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